Alan Turing Google Doodle: How to solve it

Patna: The Google doodle on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the father of computing Alan Turing will get you thinking on how to go about solving it. The doodle not only celebrates the Turing machine conceptualised by Turing in 1936 but it also honours the famous World War II codebreaker that Alan Turing was.

The Turing Machine is used to simulate the logic of a computer algorithm and is helpful in explaining the functioning of a CPU and its doodlised version tests the logicial abilities of Google users. 

The doodle is an interactive doodle that requires users to break a set of six codes and each successful code break adds colour to a letter of the greyed out Google logo on doodle.

Here's a video explaining how you can go about playing with the doodle in your attempt to solve the Alan Turing Google doodle code:


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