Pool Live Tour Moe's Pub Aim Assist

                            Pool Live Tour Tips and Tricks

Pool Live Tour is an Addicted Game Played Widly all over the World. Well I played it 1 Year Back But everyday I start this game i enjoy it every time. I have experience this Game and thats Why I come to type this tutorial for Beginners. There are 12 Levels yet :

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1. Moe's Pub  - Aim Assist  - This is the first level where we sunk either Red or Yellow Ball. First shot is not much important cause game play between beginner's. Moe's place is a bit rough with an old pool table and some basic pool cues to choose from. Train hard and learn some tricks that will help you to beat your opponents in later Levels.

Aim assist are easy it shows where the ball will go after you hit it but still it takes lot of time to Be an EXPERT.

If you chosen the yellow ball as an example then you have to sunk all 7 yellow ball and then you have to sunk the black one. As shown in the Picture. That's it you winn. If you hit the Red ball which is opposite to the ball you sunk at first then it is a foul.If you sunk the Black ball before all the 7 balls then You lose the match try to get Control on your Speed and on your shots. Play Regularly to be an expert!


You will get 20 C and 10 Winning after winning it. If you Lose you will lose your 10 C. Try to take all these shots at medium speed, in this level where you don't have Cue's there is much chance of white ball getting sunk in the Pockets.  So you must have Good Cue's.

Trophie's give you C for free in the achievment of these shots and tricks. Too good is about taking less than 6 shots to win the game. Incredible is about winning the match With CONSECUTIVE Shots.


Pool live Tour
Visit the Shop to view or Buy/Purchase the Cue's of Moe's Pub. According to me Mahagony is very efficient in Moe's Pub. You have good Aim as well as Spin. Spin shows you where the white ball will go after you hit the Red or the Yellow Ball.


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