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Unbelievable Facts God Krishna And Jesus Christ Are The Same Ones   By Ummeed Sinha on Jan 12, 2012 | believenext.blogspot Hey friends,
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I am sure you must not have read this kind of stuff ever. Today I am going to tell you very rare, beautiful and religious facts about the resemblance between Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ. This has been studied hard by religious historians for many centuries and these people find out why the stories about Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ are very much identical. These findings are truly very surprising. Lets check them out:
•Both Christ and Krishna descended from Noah.
•The future births of both messiahs were predicted ahead of time.
•Christ was descended from Abraham
•Krishna was the father of Abraham (Brahma).
•Christ was at once a Koresh, a Hebrew, and a Yehudi.
•Krishna was at once a Kurus, an Abhira, and a Yadava.
•Christ was an incarnation of Yah-Veh.
•Krishna was at once an incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva.
•Christ's first name, Jesus, was Yeshua.
•A title of Krishna, meaning "love; devotion," was Yesu. Even today, many Hindu parents name their sons, Yesu Krishna.
•Both men were born of virgins and in a stable.
•Krishna's mother was named Devaki.
•Jesus mother was called Mary.
•Krishna did not have an earthly father as such, but a protector, named Vasudeva.
•Jesus did not have an earthly father as such, but a mortal protector named Joseph.
•An evil king tried to kill Christ and Krishna when they were both infants.
•To protect the infant Jesus, Joseph and Mary took him to Maturai, Egypt.
•To protect the infant Krishna, his parents, Vasudeva and Devaki, took him to Mathura, India.
•It was predicted that both men would die to atone for the sins of their people.
•As you have probably noticed, they took refuge in places having almost identical names.
•Both men preached to their people.
•Christ was crucified and then resurrected. Krishna was killed by a hunter's arrow and impaled on a tree. Later, he returned to life.
•Christ was crucified in Jerusalem.
•Some Hindu scholars think that Krishna died in Jerusalem, having gone there when his coastal city of Dwarka sank under the sea. Others say he went to Iraq.
•Christ appeared after his "death." Krishna appeared after his "death."
•Both of them have a major holiday dedicated to them on December 25th.
•Christ had a female admirer named Mary Magdalene. Krishna had a female admirer named Marya Maghadalena.

Hindu Proof That Jesus Is the Son of God! The Bible tells us that Jesus was both Shiva and Vishnu, for Jesus' biblical names are Isa/Isha(Shiva), Yeshua (Skt. Yishvara, pronounced in Sanskrit as Yeshwara), Kristos, and Yesu, another name of Krishna . Even in India, Lord Krishna was and still is called Yesu Krishna and Kristna. These names prove to us that Jesus was both Shiva and Vishnu, thus making Jesus the begotten son of the Unbegotten-Brahma. The preceding information shows us that the Hindus are as Christian as the Christians are. Morever, the Hindus can prove that Jesus was the son of God, but we have to accept this as a matter of faith only. Even so, there is no lack of Christian sects wanting the Hindus to "convert" to their way of thinking although we must credit the Hindus with the honor of proving to us that Jesus is the son of God. But the Hindus don't need to convert to the spiritual knowledge they bequeathed to us. They were "converted" thousands of years before our Jesus was born. I say, leave them be. God Brahma (Abraham) Since Krishna was not born of man, he was not actually the earthly father of Brahma and Mahesh. Therefore, he himself was the protector (Tara) of Brahma. In Sanskrit, Tara means "savior; protector." It is a term generally used with the gods Rudra, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Even our Old Testament says that the father (protector) of Abraham was Terah(Genesis 11:26.) The Bible tells us that Abraham and Sarah were half-siblings. (Genesis12:19-20.). The Hindu holy books also tell us that a blood relationship existed between them. The Puranas relate Sarasvati to Brahma and Vishnu. Most frequently, she is associated with Brahma. Her connection with him dates earlier than to any other God. She is portrayed mostly as his wife and occasionally as his daughter. When Vishnu's popularity in India increased, myths relating Saraswati to him appeared. Therefore, Brahma or Vishnu would also have been the Tara (Terah) of Sarasvati because of her divine origins. Crucification of Jesus Christ Goddess Saraswati (Saras) King of Jerusalem God Krishna or Melchisedek King of Jerusalem God Krishna or Melchisedek Just as Christ was crucified on a cross and then returned to life, Krishna, also known as Haran, was crucified on a tree and then returned to life. This fact appears to cause some confusion in The Bible. (Read Genesis 11:26-31). There is also another "Haran" in India-today's state of Haryana. It is the region where Abraham decided to stop making idols and worship only one God. Brahmavarta, a region in Northeastern Haryana, is said to be the place where mankind was first created. (Varta=Dwelling.) Brahmavarta was the site of the Kuruksetra War between the Kurus and Pandavas, in which Lord Krishna distinguished himself. An ancient and holy river, now dried up, the Sarasvati, once flowed through Brahmavarta. The Hakra (the biblical Haggar) was a tributary of the Sarasvati. The relationships of these three geographical entities make sense. If Brahma provided the channel or bed for the Sarasvati river, Brahmavarta could easily have been the symbolical father or brother of Sarasvati. Hakra (Haggar), being a tributary of Sarasvati, depended on Sarasvati . So what were Abraham, Sarah, and Haggar? People, things, or places? I have stated that the Bible mentions Haran and Haryana. The Hindu holy books also say that Brahma/Abraham lived in Ur of the Chaldees. Ur was a Sumerian name for "town; city." Chaldee (pronounced Kaldee) derives from the Sanskrit Kaul, a Brahman caste, and Deva (demi-god). The North Indian Kauldevas worshiped idols representing their ancestors. According to the Hindus, Brahma married Sarasvati in Chaldea, the part that is now Afghanistan. Northern Afghanistan was called Uttara Kuru and was a great center of learning. An Indian woman went there to study and received the title of Vak i.e. Saraisvati (Lady Sarah). It is believed that Brahm, her teacher, was so impressed by her beauty, education, and powerful intellect, that he married her. Lord Krishna, the divine father (Terah/T‚ra) of Brahma/Abraham, was the king of Haran, with the seaport of Dwarka as its capital. In about 1900 BC, hundreds of thousands of native Indians emptied Northern and Central India and fled to the Middle East after Krishna's Dwarka sank under the water. Krishna gathered his family together and fled either to the Middle East or to what is now Iraq. Only some gigantic natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods could have caused such an exodus. It was at this time that the Saraisvati and the Indus changed their proper beds. The Saraisvati dried up. Dwarka Findings Dwarka Findings Under Sea Indian Author Paramesh Choudhury, author of The India We Have Lost, claims that Krishna and his family probably fled to Iraq. But I'm certain that they went to Jerusalem. The word Jerusalem is derived from Sanskrit: Yadu-Ishalayam, meaning "The Holy Rock of the Yadu Tribe." Lord Krishna was a Yadu. The Moslems still revere this huge rock under the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem Temple Mount. Until now, I have been wondering why Krishna's name did not appear in Jerusalem after his arrival there. Yet, the name of the king of Jerusalem, Melchizedek, the mentor of Abraham, did. I once thought that Melchizedek was the name of a certain person. I made this mistake by thinking that a prince and a son of a Kassite king, Melik-Sadaksina, was a supernaturally endowed prince, magician and spiritual giant. I thought he had accompanied Krishna, Abraham, and Sarah to the Middle East. Later on, I came to realize that the Sanskrit word Sadhaka applies to anyone who is an adept, a magician, one possessed of supernatural powers gained by worshipping a deity or by uttering magical chants. I have additionally shown in this article that the New Testament words for Jesus all refer to Lord Krishna and his holy names. The early Christians were convinced that Melchizedek was just a prior incarnation of Jesus Christ, The remains of the Nag Hammadi manuscript entitled Melchizedek seem to confirm this. Melchizedek, king of Jerusalem and mentor of his son Abraham, was none other than ancient India's God Krishna. The early Christians thought that Jesus was a reincarnation of Krishna, for who else had the name Yesu Kristna, Isa, Krishna, etc.?

crucification jesus christ photo
Crucification of Jesus Christ
The word "Catholic" itself derives from the Sanskrit Ketu-Loka, meaning "Universal Leader." But how can a religion be "universal" if it is exclusive, locking out nations like India who not only gave Catholics their own bible, but even the Christ they worship? I have shown how nearly parallel our bible and the Hindu holy books concur in almost every way-linguistically, culturally, spiritually, etc. Even the incestuous relationship between Brahma and Sarasvati squares with that of Abraham and Sarah. India more than qualifies to be the real holy land of all mankind. The main differences between Christians and Hindus arise from the fact that the Hindu form of Christianity stayed behind in India, and that the western Christianity we know was exported abroad. Naturally, geographical separation has caused some variations in the two similar teachings, as well as culturally. Additionally, we have to keep in mind that for many hundreds of years, these stories were passed down orally, from father to son. Changes, embellishments, and varying opinions crept through the woodwork. I have amply demonstrated that all of us, no matter what our respective religions and nationalities, are grandchildren of India, Will this knowledge help keep us from tearing ourselves and the world apart?

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  1. Absolutely untrue brahma n Abraham r not the same if you do some detailed study plus christianity is not about karma its about salvation, no offence to my brother who shared this I truly respect your search for the true existing God and one basic difference why your explanation is invalid is that crucifiction does not need to happen twice the land is slained once and it was Jesus christ, however the similarities that you show in no wats prove Krishna n Jesus r the same its just an interestin topic to discuss but not the truth. If you are in search of the true God seek and you may find and am just another Christian brother who is not ignoring what you say but revealing the truth to you, the gospel says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. God bless yoy