Disable Facebook Timeline App

Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is a great way of displaying your old photos, memorable posts and apps with your friends and family. This feature changes your entire Facebook Profile layout into a more attractive look. I previously wrote a tutorial on how to Facebook timeline how to activate and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to completely remove the timeline app from your profile and revert to older Facebook profile layout. Since this time-based story telling did receive mixed feedback therefore it would be really helpful for most of you to learn how to undo/delete this application

How To Disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Then visit this page Developers
  3. Towards your left you will see apps. Choose the app you created for timeline. In my case I named it Timeline Feature.

     4. Click the Edit Settings link,
edit timeline settings
   5. Then on the settings page towards bottom-left you will see many options under related links, Choose Delete App. Which will delete the timeline app.
delete timeline 6. Confirm to delete the app and Bingo you have successfully shifted back to the older Profile view.

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  1. I have already changed this parameter for a long time because it was advised by my friend.